About Us

Earth, air, wind, fire and water. Five elements that are all around you, that nurture, protect and help you to grow. Like life, business too requires an environment that helps it to survive, sustain and succeed. And the most important component of that environment is security. That is something which is required at every moment and at every space.

The growing vagaries of our times have made security an indispensable factor. Be it a simple shopping mall or a super atomic power station, every establishment requires security commensurate to its threat perception

Constant Security Service Pvt Ltd. (CSS) is a new age security firm in tune with the spirit of our times. It understands every nuance of security and believes that no two establishments operate under similar circumstances. Hence, for us, providing security cover is not mere mechanical deployment of stocky personnel. It is much beyond. It is about thorough analysis of the complexities of the task and ensuring that no loopholes go unplugged. Therefore, CSS provides customized security solutions basing on the individual threat perceptions. Both our manpower and management are scientifically designed to ensure the most efficient security systems for your firm.

With Constant Security Service Pvt Ltd. all around you, your every security concern is addressed. By securing your invaluable assets, Constant Security Service Pvt Ltd. is your most trusted partner in growth.

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